Brightest and Best


Brightest and Best is a short documentary exploring the meaning of home and what it takes to grow one’s roots in a new place. Highlighting the importance of ‘starting somewhere,’ it offers an intimate perspective on the changing immigration policies in the UK. As part of an upcoming series of the same title, Brightest and Best looks at displacement through the lens of empowerment and strength.

We spoke to Joanna Suchomska, the producer for Brightest and Best, on her motivations for the documentary series.

“I first moved out of my country when I was 18. Ever since then, being a migrant has been crucial to how I define myself, and one of the strongest building blocks of my identity. And yet, it took me years to be proud of the fact that I was a migrant.

At the same me, being a migrant taught me resilience. It taught me that family and home can mean a lot of different things. Being a migrant taught me hard work and taught me a lot about myself.

In post-Brexit Britain, and as the new immigration bill ending free movement slowly becomes reality, reframing what it means to be a ‘migrant’ feels more important than ever. Making Brightest and Best is my way of campaigning for migrants’ visibility — to show that displacement can mean empowerment and strength.”