The organisation Nations of Migration Awakening the Diaspora created a book called ‘The Unwritten Tales of the Tongue’. It features collectively produced stories, poems and songs centre around identity.  There is also a strong focus on people’s lived experiences coming from refugee and migrant backgrounds. The contributors are Ishwak Mohamed, Asha Mohamed, Oluremi Abati, Ismahan Mohamud, Mohamed Ali and Sahra Mohamed.

Nomad is a registered charity, dedicated to working with young people and young adults from refugee and migrant backgrounds. It is a community of caring young and ambitious individuals – all of whom come from different walks of life but thrive for change in communities, societies and the wider world. Made up from a mixture of religions, cultures, disabilities, skills, experiences, knowledge and personalities, allowed us to teach, learn, support, challenge and motivate one another.

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Nomad is a representation of the world we want for the future generations. Our mission is to prevent and bridge the gaps between communities. The charity works with young people aged 14-25 from refugee/migrant backgrounds to instil confidence and self-belief by supporting their development and enabling a more authentic form of integration.


The poetry and short stories in this book are truly moving and inspiring. Beautifully written with a raw honesty that conveys the state of the refugee crisis and the refugees desire to lead a safe life. Here we have pulled out one of our favourite poems from the collection.

Living a Lie

by Ishwak Mohamed

Unfortunately this world we are living in now is full of hate, pain and sadness for many people. I hope this poem can be inspiration for change, for a better society.

The shattered earth

The apprehensive nature

Wailing for humankind

The sabotage human

Divided by difference

Loss of life to protect another

The battle of power full of hunger

The chimera to live long

Yet die too soon

Construction of high buildings

Yet increase of homeless

Granted freedom of speech

Yet crucified for the true

Is this the society we created?

The living lie

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