Short Film Showcase: Excuse Me Sister


From those who sleep on the streets to the hidden homeless, those who sofa surf or share hostel rooms, this film wants to illustrate the love/hate relationship one can have with the city as it changes. The film touches on the subjects of gentrification, racism and the feeling of disenfranchisement that can be felt when it seems the city you call home no longer wants you.

Co-director and performer Kazeem Tosin Amore was hidden homeless for 8 years and understands first-hand the resilience required to live this kind of life.


Written by Rachel Harger

Performed by Kazeem Tosin Amore

Directed by Kazeem Tosin Amore and Fran Grogan

Photography by Fran Grogan

Audio Produced by Nick Blackos

Additional Images Provided by Shamma Iqbal