That’s a Wrap! (For now)

We have just finished our two-week shoot in North Macedonia, and wanted to say once again a massive THANK YOU to all of you who donated! Visiting North Macedonia this May 2021 to begin shooting was essential for us, to capture the beginning of this story. On our journey through the sun-dappled streets of Skopje, the music of Šutka, the washing lines of Strumica, and the balconies of Gostivar, we met the most incredible group of individuals who have made it their life’s work to fight for sex worker’s rights.We want to thank the amazing people at Star Star, the first sex worker’s collective in the Balkans, for letting us into their lives. You can learn more about their work at But importantly, none of this would have been possible without your incredible support. From sharing, donating, and continuing to follow our film, you have made this film a reality. We are ever grateful for your belief in this story, and we can’t wait to share it with you when it’s done.This is just the beginning of our time in North Macedonia, and we plan to return multiple times over the following years to continue our journey with Star Star.But for now…Ви благодарам. До следниот пат! 

From the Beyond the Red Light Team

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