Powerlessness and Power, in the Context of Life and Death


How do you deal with the emotional trauma of an aborting a child when you yourself are not yet an adult? The prospect of ‘facing reality’ or ‘doing the right thing’ is subjective and pressuring. Sophie Hall shares her experience and how this affected her later in life.

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Short Film Showcase: Excuse Me Sister


From those who sleep on the streets to the hidden homeless, those who sofa surf or share hostel rooms, this film wants to illustrate the love/hate relationship one can have with the city as it changes.

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Trapped for Dinner


This short story examines themes of identity, gender and the unconventional family dynamic in the claustrophobic setting of a middle class dinner table. What could possibly go wrong?

Visual storytelling for The Humanitarian Engineering and Energy for Displacement (HEED) project


Edoardo Santangelo captures the innovative work of The Humanitarian Engineering and Energy for Displacement (HEED) project across Rwanda and Nepal. This project is response to growing recognition of the need to improve access to energy, particularly renewable energy sources, for populations displaced by conflict and natural disasters.