Photo Series: Interpreting Displacement


Two photographers look at displacement in two very differing ways. Freddie Grant interprets displacement as a stark contrast between the old and new, the urban and rural, whereas Korrie Powell delves inward dissecting his dual heritage and identity.

Discover: Alex Webb


Discover Alex Webb. The renowned documentary photographer is able to create a full story within one photograph whilst playing with layers of natural colour and light.

Trapped for Dinner


This short story examines themes of identity, gender and the unconventional family dynamic in the claustrophobic setting of a middle class dinner table. What could possibly go wrong?

An Interview With Lorena Levi


We speak to painter Lorena Levi to discuss her process and what it is like living with cystic fibrosis, an illness not often mentioned in the mainstream media.

Discover: Matteo Pericoli


Discover the meticulous drawings of Matteo Pericoli. With whispers of a second wave and some lockdown measures remaining in place, we look to an artist who finds the view from inside as his source of inspiration.