Golders Hill Park Thoughts

We asked 15 filmmakers to interpret several lines of the poem into film, this was there response.

A collaborative project between various filmmakers to produce a short video from a poem by Jess Clark. This is one of the poems from an anthology by a group of women around the theme of mental health called Poems of Hope. Poems of Hope is an anthology designed to include a range of Durham-based poetry and artwork. The works are connected to the themes of struggle, recovery and/or the celebration of life. The proceeds of the book were donated to Mind UK.

Producer & Editor: Pauline Blanchet


Mary Sims-Howlett

Esme Bennett

Beau Catlin

Jess Clark

Kitty Hudson-Long

Anais Urban

Sabrina Jones

Solo Shariff Hickey

Milla Lewis

Gabi Carpenter

Rosalind Alcazar

Lily Celeste

Ned Costello

Mike Rumsey

Pauline Blanchet